The innovative and virtuous textile circular economy

Engage the textile industry in a new economic model, circular, virtuous and with high added value: this is the Renaissance Textile ambition, creating a new business line, by offering a textile recycling service and a premium fibre offer from this recycling.

Through an innovative process, capable of unravelling large volumes of garments and textiles on an industrial scale at the end of their first life, Renaissance Textile opens a new textile life cycle: it is the Circular Textile® made from high quality secondary raw materials.

Being a pioneer in creating a new market also means making a positive contribution to environmental issues. Renaissance Textile is part of an approach that minimizes its impact on its environment (no chemical inputs, less carbon footprint, limited use of water), to create a more virtuous ecosystem for the entire industry.

Renaissance Textile: its Mission, its “Raison d’être”

As a purpose driven company, Renaissance Textile intends to “build the industrial base of a competitive, more inclusive, sustainable and human French circular textile industry, paving the way for an ecological transformation that will support the virtuous growth of our economy”, mission inscribed in its statutes.

An industrial, circular, ecological, social, local and collective response to the sector’s societal and environmental challenges

industrial scale






Renaissance Textile in action

Since January, the first fraying line has been installed in the 12,000 m2 industrial building acquired and rehabilitated in Laval (53).

Designed in France with its partner Andritz-Laroche (69), this first line will recycle 3,000 tonnes of end-of-first-life textiles (the equivalent of 10 million garments), in a fibre of optimal quality to remake yarn capable of meeting the manufacturing requirements of new fabrics and garments. Two additional lines will follow in 2023 and 2024.

The first production of recycled fibre is scheduled for the end of the first half of 2022, with the line’s capacity and capacity rising to meet the needs of the market and the expectations of textile manufacturers.

With the installation of this first fraying line, Renaissance Textile is fulfilling its ambition: to engage the textile industry in a new model of circular economy, closed-loop and virtuous, 

It is an ambitious and concrete response, social and societal, to the challenges of all actors in the sector. Recycled fibre will make it possible to “relocate” raw material production in France and help reduce the sector’s environmental footprint.

The Renaissance Textile project was designed with a desire to be open to the entire sector: to unite all textile companies around the same convictions and a single platform, to regain industrial sovereignty and leadership in the French and European textile industry.


2022, S1

Installation of the 1st line and reception of the first white textiles, in cotton or polyester-cotton, to be upgraded

First Recruitments, Training and skills development of employees

2022, S2

Increase in line capacity

Extension of recycling to new colours of cotton and polyester-cotton textiles


Capacity increase

2 additional recycling lines

(3000 t/line) 1 spinning line

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