The innovative and virtuous textile circular economy

Paving the way to Circular Textile®

• Provide a value-creating textile recycling service on an industrial scale for the entire sector
to produce and market secondary raw materials: recycled fibres will make it possible to remake yarn and fabric for new textile garments.

Through an innovative process, able to unravelling large volumes of garments and textiles on an industrial scale at the end of their first life, Renaissance Textile opens a new textile life cycle: it is the Circular Textile® made from high quality secondary raw materials.

Creating a powerful lever for decarbonizing the European textile industry

Make the textile industry committed in a new economic model, circular, virtuous and with high added value: this is the ambition of Renaissance Textile which creates a new business line, by offering a textile recycling service and a premium fibre offer from this recycling.

Being a pioneer in creating a new market also means making a positive contribution to environmental issues. Renaissance Textile is part of an approach that minimizes its impact on its environment (no chemical inputs, less carbon footprint, limited use of water), to create a more virtuous ecosystem for the entire industry.

A shared human adventure

Because an industrial adventure is just as much a human adventure, we invite you to meet people who make Renaissance Textile! Shared values, enthusiasm to contribute to a new profession, to participate in the creation of a company, but also commitment and alignment with personal convictions… Discover the wealth of Renaissance Textile employees.

Create a French champion of post-consumer European recycling
and take on board the entire textile industry and its stakeholders.

Renaissance Textile: its Mission, its “Raison d’être”

As a mission-oriented company, Renaissance Textile intends to “build the industrial base of a competitive, more inclusive, sustainable and human French circular textile industry, paving the way for an ecological transformation that will support the virtuous growth of our economy.

An industrial, circular, ecological, social, local and collective response to the sector’s societal and environmental challenges

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C’est avec une volonté d’ouverture à toute la filière qu’a été conçu le projet de Renaissance Textile : fédérer autour des mêmes convictions et d’une même plateforme l’ensemble des entreprises textiles, pour retrouver souveraineté industrielle et leadership de la filière textile française et européenne.

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